GAIA: Audio guides of Guatemala

With the objective of promoting tourism, we present "Gaia", an initiative that seeks to provide world visitors with practical and useful information that can facilitate your visit.

"Gaia", whose ancient Greek meaning is "Earth", seeks to become a repository of audio guides that facilitate the autonomous exploration of tourist destinations within Guatemala.

The initial content is the product of the collection and experiences of specialized personnel with more than 20 years of experience in the field with archeology studies at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, and UFM who have provided footage of the images and audio to explore the beautiful Antigua Guatemala.

We hope that this initiative promotes tourism and becomes seed that allows the content to be expanded to other destinations and languages.

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This work, created under the name of Gaia, has been conceptualized and implemented by a group of expert professionals specialized in different subjects, who have carried out field work, development and research from different sources to produce the material presented.

This effort constitutes an intellectual heritage that, counts on all copyrights. Therefore, the reproduction, recording, translation, adaptation, distribution, copying or modification, partial or total in any of its forms, of any of the computer components, such as: the source code, programs and databases used is totally prohibited, nor of the logic or functionality applied within the developed program, nor of the content, text, images and audios that are published as part of this project.

People can listen to the audios and read the through the interaction and use of this informatic project called Gaia, according to the functionality established in the version that is published of this work, which must exist and be accessed solely and exclusively on the website where the author has published it.

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Image of Quetzal courtesy of Quetzal Vector