Interesting museums

Two days

This tour offers different options to know the origin and culture of this historic colonial city. Museums show important loads of knowledge in an entertaining and didactic way.

Interesting museums

Two days
  • 1
    Museums of Casa Santo Domingo Two hours
    This museum complex is composed of several thematic exhibition halls that exhibit paintings historic objects of and high quality, many of the pieces have been exhibited international expositions in Europe, Asia, North America just to mention a few.

  • 2
    Saint Thomas Aquinas School Half an hour
    In these facilities the third university of America was founded being the only national university in Central America, the University of San Carlos de Guatemala -USAC-. Currently it is possible to observe artworks and crafts from the department of Sacatepéquez such as glazed earthenware, ceramics, wrought iron, tinsmith and textiles.

  • 3
    Capuchinas Church and Convent Hour and half
    The facade of this church is one of the few that is built in stone. It also stands out, its cloister composed of eighteen cells overlooking a central courtyard, called ‘Retiro Tower’, unique throughout America. This building houses the offices of the National Council for the Protection of Antigua Guatemala (CNPAG), sponsored by UNESCO and other international institutions.

  • 4
    Museum Of The Old Book One hour
    In this building the first Publishing house in Central America was placed. And currently the history of the printing press, introduced in the year 1,660, together with the operation of printing workshops, the technique of engraving and lithography in stone and a collection of old documents belonging to the Kingdom from Guatemala can be admired.

  • 5
    Compañía de Jesus Monastery One hour
    This monument constitutes a heritage space of the City for Antigua Guatemala where art exhibitions, archeology, cultural and ceremonial activities are held. At present, San Lucas school is pretty visited because it is part of the so called route of Santo Hermano Pedro. The Spanish cooperation offices are located in these facilities, entity that ensures the conservation and protection of Antigua Guatemala.

  • 6
    Colonial Art Museum Hour and half
    This building For sheltered the Tricentennial University of San Carlos de Guatemala, the third university in America and the largest and oldest in this country. Currently in its facilities there is a museum that offers permanent exhibitions of art works from the 16th to 18th centuries.

  • 7
    Hermano Pedro Museum Half an hour
    This modest museum is a solemn tribute SaintBrother Pedro, canonized Saint John Paul II during his third visit to Guatemala in the year 2,002. Inside You can visit the ‘Hall of Miracles’, in which hundreds of objects and offerings of faithful devotees are observed for the fulfillment of a miracle, or the healing of some disease through the intervention attributed to this saint.