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Antigua Guatemala is considered the best preserved in Central America, where culture, art and hisory merge its outline was designed by an Italian architect, The constructions and the landscape truly very photogenic and invites visitor´s, a lover of art and photography, to tirelessly explore it in search of obtaining the best angle of a representative image in order to remember their pleasant experience in this colonial city.
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Photograph the most iconic

One day
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    Holy Cross Hill One hour
    From this viewpoint, you can fully observe the City of Antigua Guatemala and its magnificent constructions. In addition, you can enjoy the peaceful green and natural environment, ideal for resting, exercising and observing the valley adorned with the imposing beauty of the Water, Fire and Acatenango Volcanoes.

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    Temple & Park San Felipe de Jesus One hour
    This temple has become an important pilgrimage center where its devotees venerate and visit the sacred image of Jesus Buried to thank him for the miracles granted. On Good Friday, this venerated image processions the streets of This neighborhood Antigua, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of parishioners and carriers.

  • 3
    Ruins of San Sebastian Half an hour
    This parish is one of the first founded in the city, It is distinguished by its baroque design where its fine carved designs represent elements of nature, such as leaves, flowers and branches. In front of this church there is a park and kindergarten, which provides locals and visitor with a large natural outdoor space, accurate for relaxing.

  • 4
    Church and convent of La Merced Hour and half
    This is one of the most visited temples for devotees and visitors to appreciate its marvelous façade, or simply to enjoy of its park.
    During the weekends lots of commercials stablishments offer exquisite and regional food, including typical sweets that make your mouth waters.

  • 5
    Arch of Santa Catalina Half an hour
    This is the icon par excellence of this city. Over time, the street of the arch has become an ideal reference point for meetings and events, highlighting the new years celebration and the flower festival in November.
    Thousands of travelers from all over the world, visit this icon, attracted by its architecture and color, as well as the shops around it.

  • 6
    Antigua Municipal Market One hour
    This establishment provides visitors with an unparalleled experience about local traditions and customs. It is a festival of colorful of textiles worn by indigenous women. Enjoy the colors and aromas of fresh vegetables and fruits of the season, also taste the delicious traditional food of the area or acquire typical handicrafts.

  • 7
    The Portal de las Panaderas Half an hour
    Due to its location in the city center, you can find a great diversity of businesses, restaurants, cafes, bookstores, banks, bakeries and other shops.

  • 8
    City Hall Palace Half an hour
    From its second story, you can take splendid photographs of some of the most important places in the city such as the Cathedral of San José, the Central Square and Palace of the Captains, adorned by the hallmark of the city, the imposing water volcano.

  • 9
    Central Plaza of Antigua Guatemala Half an hour
    The Plaza Mayor of this city, is constituted as the neutral spot of Antigua. It provides the visitor with ample outdoor space, very pleasant to be and enjoy, in the company of friends or family. It is the point of referencefor departing to all sites of interest.

  • 10
    The All Captains palace One hour
    This palace is considered one of the most emblematic buildings in the country and several government offices are located in its facilities. In addition, there is a Museum of History of Antigua, which contains a collection of various archaeological pieces belonging to the city.

  • 11
    Ruins and Cathedral of San José Half an hour
    The Cathedral of San José, is visited by faithful national and foreign catholic devotees. Its facade harmoniously decorates the Central Square and is currently one of the best known and emblematic architectural sites of this colonial city.

  • 12
    Colonial Art Museum Hour and half
    This building For sheltered the Tricentennial University of San Carlos de Guatemala, the third university in America and the largest and oldest in this country. Currently in its facilities there is a museum that offers permanent exhibitions of art works from the 16th to 18th centuries.

  • 13
    Convent of Santa Clara Hour and half
    The Convent of Santa Clara, is well known for its famous arches built on its two Story convent and for its large garden, adorned by a beautiful stone carved fountain in the center of the courtyard. The Clarisas nuns were the ones who taught the local women to prepare Spanish food and sweets, which now constitute a very important part of the Guatemalan gastronomy. The design of its building is ideal to carry out various Religious, cultural and social events.

  • 14
    School of Christ Church Half an hour
    Tis edification has a sober and elegant design, is built entirely in stone and stucco was not used to cover these walls. This temple is of great tradition for Antigua citizens and during Holy Week, on good Friday, the procession of the Buried Jesus Lord and the Virgin of Soledad travels through this city, accompanied by more than 7,000 devoted carriers.

  • 15
    The Calvary Of Hermitage Half an hour
    This church symbolizes the end of a journey that starts from the church of San Francisco. During this journey, stations of the cross are observed, which are numbered from II to XII. This road is known as ‘Street of the Steps’ or calle de los pasos and is composed of 1,322 Walking steps and as told by the Franciscan tradition, they comprise the distance traveled by Jesus from the Roman Praetorium, to Mount Calvary.